Glass Screen Protector For Samsung Galaxy S21 S22 Plus Ultra


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This is a high-performance, all-in-one screen protector that’s anti-scratch, anti-fingerprint, anti-explosion, high transparent, anti-shock, full glue, full coverage, waterproof, bubble-free, and HD clear.

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  1. Anti-scratch: This means the screen protector is designed to resist scratches, helping to keep your device’s screen in good condition even with daily use.
  2. Anti-Fingerprint: The screen protector is treated to repel fingerprints, reducing smudges and keeping the screen cleaner for a longer period.
  3. Anti-explosion: This suggests that the screen protector is designed to resist shattering upon impact, providing an extra layer of protection for the device’s screen.
  4. High Transparent: The screen protector allows a high level of transparency, ensuring that the display remains clear and vibrant without compromising the visual quality.
  5. Anti-shock: Similar to anti-explosion, this implies that the screen protector is designed to absorb and disperse impact energy, protecting the device’s screen from shocks or drops.
  6. FULL GLUE: This indicates that the screen protector adheres to the entire surface of the device’s screen, providing full coverage and potentially enhancing its durability.
  7. FULL COVERAGE: Like full glue, full coverage means that the screen protector is designed to cover the entire screen, including the curved edges if applicable, offering comprehensive protection.
  8. Waterproof: The screen protector may have water-resistant properties, preventing water or other liquids from easily penetrating and damaging the device’s screen.
  9. Bubble Free: This suggests that the screen protector is designed to be easy to apply without trapping air bubbles, ensuring a smooth and clear appearance once installed.
  10. HD CLEAR: The screen protector is engineered to maintain high-definition clarity, preserving the sharpness and brightness of the device’s display.

In summary, this type of screen protector aims to provide a comprehensive solution for protecting your device’s screen against scratches, fingerprints, shocks, and potential impacts, all while maintaining transparency, clarity, and ease of application.


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