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Microfiber Thicken Towels Soft Plush Super Cloth Car Wash


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Material: Coral fleece
Color: Orange, Gray
Size: 40X40 cm
Quantity: 1pc
Package include:1*towel

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Super soft, super fluffy, non-scratch, and highly absorbent, this microfiber cleaning towel serves multiple purposes, such as a car wash towel, drying towel, car polishing towel, waxing towel, and polishing towel. The plush side excels at removing dirt, while the soft side is ideal for polishing and buffing.

Furthermore, these towels are super absorbent. They soak up moisture instantly without leaving lint or streaks, making them perfect for various cleaning tasks. Whether used with or without water and chemical cleaners, they offer a superior cleaning experience for vehicles like cars, motorcycles, vans, trucks, as well as appliances, workbenches, garages, and offices.

Designed for longevity, these towels are reusable and built to last. Lightweight, absorbent, and quick-drying, these towels make car wash and auto detailing a breeze.

For proper use and care, these premium  wipes are safe on various surfaces in dry, wet, or spray conditions. Always keep them dry after use. Whether hand or machine washed in  water at 60°C or below, separate from other items, avoid using fabric  or bleach.


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